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Boot End Power Pack

Boot End Power Packs are used for installation, set-up and removal of mobile boot ends in underground mines.

Data Logging System

Data Logging for hydraulic tuning of excavators is an innovative solution that offers a safe hydraulic alternative to the manual operation by on-site workers.

Mine Shaft Winder

The mine winder has spring applied hydraulic release fail-safe brakes on it to hold the winder in position. The existing brake control power unit was not compliant with the latest relevant mine design guidelines. They require a new unit to replace the existing that is compliant with the guidelines.

Frac Tanks

Frac tank trailers experienced mechanical failures with the manually-operated stabiliser legs. This resulted in prime mover wait time, and costly crane hire call-out to remote areas.

Transmission Hoist

A key customer required an electro-hydraulic control system for their remote control battery operated, full electric mining industry transmission service equipment. The solution needed to include hydraulic actuators, hydraulic valves as well as the electric motor and electronic control and radio remote control systems.

MIM Power Unit Radial Stacker

Custom Fluidpower was awarded a contract from Mt Isa Mining for the supply of a 45KW HPU in a stainless steel cabinet, 2 x Luffing Cylinder with 9” Bore and 3,100mm stroke, 4 x radial piston SAI wheel motors assembles.

Marand Motors

Military Grade application, the motors are used as traction drives on ground-based maintenance equipment.

Foam Dust Suppression System

The CFP/GTM Dust Suppression System was built in response to the increasing cases of coal workers’ contracting pneumoconiosis. The Dust Suppression system works to eliminate and isolate dust from coal workers by creating a continuous aerated foam underground. The fully autonomous design comes in a sturdy housing to a guard it against the harsh underground environment.

Flash Tank Rig

The Flash Tank Rig is a hydraulically controlled actuator used to point a high-pressure water nozzle inside the ash tank so it is possible to clean scale out of the tanks during the shutdown period.

Hydraulic Brake Power Unit

Brake power units (for a luffing winch) are used on ship loaders to hold a boom in position and to stop them from falling. In older brake power units, the speed at which the brakes were applied took too long and could not handle the high ow of oil getting into the braking system.