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Foam Dust Suppression System


The CFP/GTM Dust Suppression System was built in response to the increasing cases of coal workers’ contracting pneumoconiosis. The Dust Suppression system works to eliminate and isolate dust from coal workers by creating a continuous aerated foam underground. The fully autonomous design comes in a sturdy housing to a guard it against the harsh underground environment.

In 2018 The Dust Suppression System won the Anglo American Award for Safety


The system has two operating supply states: a high flow foam supply during cutter operation and a low flow setting. These will be activated by pilot supply lines from the miner which will also operate the air supply to the system.

The mixing manifold allows the air supply to mix with the foam solution from the minidos pump and supply foam to the outlet nozzles.

  • Simplicity: simple to set up with accessible connections without removal of the cover.
  • Flexibility: two separate water supply flow paths allow for fully adjustable dual foam control settings.
  • Transferability: a compact machine that is easy to install in any mine site
  • Prioritising safety: water and air regulators keep the pressure consistent for safety and a hard-plumbed system means no burst hoses.

Key Features

  • Water flow rate
  • Air max pressure
  • Two-pack epoxy paint
  • 316 grade SS tube and fittings
  • Foam solution usage: approximately 1x 20L drum per day (24-hour period)
  • The system has two flow control options; each requires 1 pilot line (1 or 2 hydraulic pilots can be used to operate the system)