A Sun Hydraulics Company

Sun Hydraulics is a world-class designer and manufacturer of high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, electro-hydraulics, manifolds, and integrated package solutions for a wide range of industries. These products provide machine designers with the opportunity to develop unique, reliable solutions for hydraulic control applications.

Sun Hydraulics was founded by Robert E.Koski and John Allen in 1970 and is headquartered in Sarasota, FL. Since its inception, Sun Hydraulics has become a global industrial technology leader in the fluid power industry. In 2018, Sun Hydraulics changed its business name to Helios Technologies, joining the previously acquired Enovation Controls and Faster Group companies.

Today Sun Hydraulics operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helios Technologies with an aim of achieving global technology leadership in the industrial goods sector by 2025. Sun continues to sell its products through international distributors, to diverse markets and industries worldwide.