Enovation Controls


From the beginning of 2018 Sun Hydraulic subsidiaries, High Country Tek (HCT) and Innovation Controls merged, subsequently providing a range of hydraulic electronic controls and displays, which can be easily integrated into a new or existing system.

Enovation Controls serves the needs of diverse applications through our trusted Murphy, High Country Tek (HTC) and Zero off brands. These brands represent a full complement of integrated solutions benefiting today’s technology-driven customers. WE service a variety of markets including off-highway, recreational and commercial marine, power sports and speciality vehicles, agriculture and water pumpkin,g power generation and engine-drive industrial equipment.

The signature electronic control software with a flame-resistant resin, which is necessary in most industries using hydraulic power in harsh environments. The software can be fully customised or pre-set to allow any industry worker to be fully in control of their hydraulic brakes, valves, pumps, and motors.


  • Programmable Electronic Controls.
  • Pre-Packaged Electronic Controls.
  • Fan Controllers.
  • Generator Controllers.
  • Digital Valve and Pump Controllers.


  • Widescreen format (up to 12.3”).
  • Colour screen.
  • Video playback.
  • Configurable engines.
  • Equipment diagnostic display.

For more information on how our services, product range and experienced staff can work with you and your business contact us online or call 1300 781 178.