Caliper Brakes

Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released Fail-Safe Caliper Brakes

Custom Fluidpower (CFP) manufacture a range of spring applied, hydraulically released (SAHR) fail-safe caliper brakes under the banner Custom Safe Brakes (CSB), CFP have been supplying CSB brakes into the Australian and International market since 2006.

Custom Safe Brakes

Our Brakes Centre of Excellence is in Perth, Western Australia and is made up of a team of skilled engineers using the latest technology to bring our customers local service backed by national strength.

The CSB range of calipers are available in a 200, 300, 3000 and 5000 series with a clamping force ranging from 500N to 250kN. The CSB range is easily interchangeable with other calipers in the market.

New additions to CFP’s range of caliper include a 200 series Monospring which is available as standard caliper and with the auto pad wear adjustment. Another addition to our range is the CSAB300, which also incorporates the auto pad wear adjustment.

Industrial Custom Safe Brakes

Custom Brake Pads

CFP have designed and field tested the auto pad wear adjustment, this design allows the brake caliper to compensate for pad wear automatically, doing away with the requirement for any human intervention to readjust the airgap of the caliper. The caliper also incorporated a pad wear indicator, which signal once the pad requires replacement.

All our calipers can be supplied with Organic or Sintered metal brake pads, brake testing is an on-going project by using our custom build dynamometer, which is extensively used in the testing of brake pad material. We believe that our Organic brake material is the best performing pad in the market, it has excellent wear characteristics with out sacrificing the coefficient of friction.

Custom Australian Power Units

Australian Power Units

The range of brake Australian Power Units (APU) that CFP manufacture includes a 0.75, 0.37 and 2Kw version, these APU’s are available in various configurations and can specifically designed to customer’s requirement. Some of the standard versions include:

  • Quick lift – Where the requirement is to have the caliper lifted quickly
  • Proportional braking – Where the braking time needs to remain constant, regardless of drive loads
  • Redundancy – Redundancy valves for all valving in the APU, designed for enhanced safety requirements

The development of the CSB series of brake calipers has been about providing a technical solution that meets increased issues of safety, yet at the same time provides for higher levels of reliability and brake function for today’s increased demands relating to controlled braking applications.

Custom Safe Brakes

The CSB series are put through a rigorous testing process by our engineers on our test rig facilities in our product development centre to ensure high performance and quality. Our real point of difference is that our customers have access to our engineers and specialist technicians every step of the way through the project and we provide service and advise long after our field service team install and commission.

Our field service team are on the ground providing asset management and data to our customers and our engineers to complete the circle of customer support. Custom Fluidpower have a range of industrial braking solutions with successful trials installed at renowned West Australian mine sites.

The CSB brake caliper will become the preferred option for many end users because of its simplicity of design, availability of replacement calipers, and localised spare parts and service capabilities across Australia.

Hydraulic design & maintenance

Custom Fluidpower are experts in fulfilling your complete system design requirements, from OEM to end-user, including automation and electronics.

Regardless of the type of system, our expert team of designers and engineers will be with you during every step of the process from conception, to installation, plus ongoing maintenance and support.

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