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Roller – Tru Turf Pty Ltd

Custom Fluidpower was contacted by Tru Turf Pty Ltd to design and develop a multi-purpose Golf Green Roller for the US market. The concept is a stand-alone offering that was not supported by the major OEM in the greenkeeping sector.

Drift Conveyor (Low Speed Brakes)

Custom Fluidpower was engaged to design, supply, test, install and commission, a drift conveyor braking system that was not only capable of stopping the conveyor, but also holding the conveyor, with the calipers used as a secondary backstop

Shuttle car cable reeler brake interlock valve

The Custom Fluidpower “safe brake” is a custom-designed solution and is an award winner of the 2015 Mining Industry Safety Award

Multipurpose Recovery Unit

Custom Fluidpower was approached to create an all-purpose recovery unit after the success of their previous recovery unit.

Olsson’s Salt Block Power Unit

Custom Fluidpower successfully serviced a salt block press designed to feed livestock by installing a custom-designed hydraulic system using SUN logic elements and valves.

Feeder Drive Power Unit

Tipper Warning System

Boot End Power Pack

Boot End Power Packs are used for installation, set-up and removal of mobile boot ends in underground mines.

Ship Access Ladder Upgrade

The ship access ladder (SAL) refurbishment for a coal terminal is an example of Custom Fluidpowers capability to deliver robust hydraulic solutions for any situation.

Data Logging System

Data Logging for hydraulic tuning of excavators is an innovative solution that offers a safe hydraulic alternative to the manual operation by on-site workers.