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Feeder Drive Power Unit


Custom Fluidpower was contacted to provide a system upgrade. The existing system utilised two gear units with hydraulic drives that were difficult to maintain, as well as a hydraulic pump and electrical field devices that required upgrades. With the existing HPU, pump-to-motor alignment and the physical size of the existing unit did not allow for ease of maintenance. In addition, the system used electrical field devices such as solenoids and pressure switch that are difficult to fault find.


A new power unit, designed to combine the drive into one gear unit for optimised efficiency and drive performance, and locate a new HPU much closer to the hydraulic motors and to integrate coolers. Additionally, all field devices are located on the HPU so that there is only one connection/communication from the HPU PLC to the control room, through an Ethernet/IP, as well as to have each HPU to have touch screen PLC for maintenance, c/w local control panel.

Key Features

  • ¬†Upgraded the pumps to provide boost and pilot pressure
  • Integral filtration system for boost and high pressure
  • Local control panel with push-button, lights and touch screen