Sun Hydraulics

Custom fluidpower is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Sun Hydraulics and part of the Helios Technologies Group of companies

Sun Hydraulics is committed to being a leader in the mechanical, electronic and industrial engineering fields. Sun designs and manufactures screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and integrated fluid power packages and subsystems, while Faster is focused on quick-release hydraulic coupling solution. These products are very important as they control force, speed and motion – three very integral components in a fluid power system.

Sun Hydraulic Products

These products are very important as they control force and motion – integral components of a fluid power system. We stock a comprehensive range of their products across Australia, including:

  • Hydraulic Valves – cartridge valves including pressure control, flow control, directional, load holding, electro-proportional and solenoid operated.
  • Manifolds – including line mount, sandwich, sub-plate, and bar manifold and custom-engineered fully integrated manifolds.
  • Electronics – including embedded electronics, coils, software, and cables.
  • Accessories – including cartridge seal kits, cavity tooling, filter elements, and coil seal kits.

Unique Cartridge Design – Hydraulic Valves

Sun’s Hydraulic valves maximise design flexibility and optimise port connection areas. They provide 5 cartridge sizes for all your needs that are made to handle flows of up to 1500 litres per minute and operate at pressures up to 350 bar.

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