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Shuttle car cable reeler brake interlock valve


The Custom Fluidpower “safe brake” is a custom-designed solution and is an award winner of the 2015 Mining Industry Safety Award. It comprises of a full upgrade to the loss of hydraulic pressure on coal mine shuttle cars, which prevented the motor from winding in the trailing cable. This created a safety hazard wherein the trailing cable was being run over by the vehicle and caused considerable downtime and maintenance costs.


Custom Fluidpower designed, manufactured and installed a new hydraulic manifold which interlocks the cable reel pressure to the park brake circuit, a cable reel pressure sequence valve, and a lockable detent diverter to allow towing.

Key Features

  • Compact hydraulic system
  • A park brake that becomes activated when the motor pressure drops below 800 psi
  • A manual override function
  • A bypass valve installed into the circuit that allows the park brake to be released when being towed


(Manifold for Shuttle Car Cable Reeler Interlock Valve)