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Drift Conveyor (Low Speed Brakes)


Custom Fluidpower was engaged to design, supply, test, install and commission, a drift conveyor braking system that was not only capable of stopping the conveyor, but also holding the conveyor, with the calipers used as a secondary backstop. Integral to this system was a requirement to stop the conveyor in 15 seconds, under all site conditions, including a total black-out condition.


Custom Fluidpower supplied 6 of CSB3100-40D-102 (Custom Safe Brake calipers) installed on a 2.2-metre disc, complete with Custom Fluidpower’s brake hydraulic power unit APU220-09-24 with our EBTC (electronic brake torque control system) that meets the intent of providing control to the stopping time under all site conditions.

Key Features

  • 6 x Custom Fluidpower Safe Brake CSB3100-40D-102 complete with pad wear and brake on/off switches and organic pad sets
  • Custom Fluidpower power unit APU220-09-24
  • 300,000Nm for combined stopping and holding brakes on a 2.2-metre diameter brake disc



CSBH3000                                                            CSB3000