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Tipper Warning System


At the end of 2018, CFP Perth was approached by a customer who had a near-miss event on a mine site, where a tipper truck driver had forgotten to lower the tipper bucket after dumping the ore.


The customer needed a system to warn the driver in case the bucket was not lowered while driving. We proposed a system designed to warn a tipper truck operator in case they attempt to drive the vehicle with the body raised.

A siren will sound and a dash-mounted LED will turn red if the body is raised and the operator removes their foot from the brake. If the body is fully lowered and the brake is released the LED will turn green and the siren will not sound. Alternatively, if the body is raised and the brake is applied, the LED will be green and the siren will not sound.

A button on the dash is used to verify the operation of the siren and LED without having to raise the body. The button is logically in parallel with a proximity switch on the body, so if the button is pushed and the brake pedal is released then the siren will sound and the LED will turn red. The siren will also sound briefly when the vehicle is turned on each shift to verify correct operation.

Key Features

  • Inductive Proximity Switch
  • Signal from the brake pedal
  • A siren
  • Danfoss programmable controller