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Data Logging System


Data Logging for hydraulic tuning of excavators is an innovative solution that offers a safe hydraulic alternative to the manual operation by on-site workers.


The implementation of the data logging system reduces the need to have an on-site worker inside the pump room during hydraulic testing.

The hydraulic system pressure can be reduced almost instantly using the remote control compared to having to manually reduce the pressure by hand while in the pump room with live high-pressure hoses.

Safety Benefits

  • Remotely controlled load valves enable technicians to be out of the line of fire when testing under high pressures
  • Integrated electronic controls ensure smooth application of loads, minimising possible pressure spikes, bulit-in E-stop instantly drops all flow meter circuits to minimum pressure, no manual handles or ball valves


  • The design allows two pumps to be attached simultaneously, switching between pumps during tests is controlled remotely
  • Integrated into the flowmeter unit are two infinitely adjusted pressure control circuits for pilot pressures, each with two outputs that can be switched independently or simultaneously


  • Logged tests can be compared to previous tests with confidence due to the computer-controlled application of pressures and flow rates during logging
  • Every pump can be cycled through its various functions and data logged before and after adjustments

Maintenance Advantages

  • Every logged pump test can be easily referred to; accumulation of repeatable results allows trends and discrepancies to be identified

Cost Savings

  • Longer component life out of regulators has been achieved. Pumps are meeting full component life and planned change out schedules
  • Machine hydraulic systems running optimally has given saving in fuel costs, fuel bur rates have not increased due to hydraulic pumps “overflow”

Key Features

  • Each pump can be “turned on” through a manual control lever on the remote test box
  • Load to the pumps is applied proportionally through a remote control lever on the test box remote.
  • Changes to pump regulators is destroked to minimum flow and to standby pressures using the remote control.
  • Reduces testing time from 30mins per pump to 40mins for both pumps combined.