Complete Electro Fluid Power Solutions Australia

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industrial automation / IoT technology / industry 4.0

At Custom Fluidpower, our focus is to provide end-to-end solutions. We aim to achieve this by being your one source provider. We can manage the complete project from design and product sourcing through to installation and maintenance.

We are constantly striving to develop new and innovative ideas to improve a system, incorporating automation and IoT technology – increasing precision, efficiency and safety.

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hydraulics / pneumatics / lubrication / filtration / electronics

Custom Fluidpower is one of the largest independent fluid power solution providers in Australia. We are a one-source provider, supplying high-quality hydraulic, pneumatic, filtration, lubrication and electronic products.

We also deliver a multitude of services including complete system design, assembly and manufacturing, automation, asset management, installation and commissioning, field service, and workshop repairs. We have two manufacturing facilities, custom safe brakes and custom manifolds, as well as a Danfoss PVG Build Center.

/ / Industry

mining / marine / industrial / defence

With eight Custom Fluidpower branches Australia wide, we are well experienced in developing smart innovative solutions across industries, including marine, agricultural, aerospace, exploration, industrial, mobile, mining, material handling, and defence.

We have strong relationships with product manufacturers and service providers across the world, enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions, utilising the best available products.

/ / Service

engineering / product sales / installation / maintenance

The Custom Fluidpower team of sales, engineers, fitters and manufacturers work together with you, to customise products and services according to your workflow, operations, resources and environment.

Through predictive maintenance technology, we can anticipate and schedule when a service or part is required. This ensures we have the resources available or parts in stock when you need it - meaning minimal downtime, efficient workflow, and increased machine confidence.

National Strength,
Local Service.

Design & Engineering

The Custom Fluidpower team engineer technical advanced solutions for any fluid power requirements. Our experienced designers and engineers work with you to improve existing systems or develop a new system from scratch, incorporating telematics and automation technology.

Manufacturing & Systems Integration

Utilising your custom design, Custom Fluidpower manufactures and/or assembles a turn-key solution specific to your operations. The integrated system is fully tested in our state of the art local workshops to ensure it is ready for commissioning once it arrives on site.

Installation & Commissioning

Custom Fluidpower provide full installation and commissioning services for each system, including a user manual and training. Our engineers work with you every step of the way to ensure your system can be fully utilised, delivering you maximum advantage.


Custom Fluidpower assists to minimise downtime through employing qualified hydraulic technicians and implementing smart predictive maintenance technology. We discuss your operation frequency to establish estimated future stock of the products you require to continue operating.