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Our Workshop Repairs Will Get You Back on Track!

hydraulic workshop repairsAt Custom Fluidpower we understand that repairs and breakdowns cost you money, especially when we’re talking about things like hydraulic cylinders, heavy industry plant and equipment, and industrial braking systems.

We are a group of passionate and experienced fitters & turners and technicians, who can carry out in-house hydraulic control system maintenance and repairs. We have seven fully equipped workshops located around Australia, from where offer an Australia wide service.

Benefit from Our Experience

Not only are our workshops fully equipped, but our workshop employees are trained in all areas of hydraulics and we use quality replacement parts and materials.

Our workshops are equipped with full machining facilities, test stations, cylinder strip down benches, honing machines and welding bays. You can be assured that we can diagnose, address and resolve your problem, and restore you to full operation as soon as possible.

With our workshop and our team you can:
  • Reduce the down-time that breakdowns cause and save money in the process
  • Avoid lengthy delays involved in sub-contracting the work
  • Be assured that leadings brands are being used to replace and restore your hydraulic components, often lasting longer and requiring less maintenance

Where we operate

You can find our workshops in a wide range of locations across Australia, which means hydraulic repairs, replacements and maintenance is never away. You can contact our teams in:
  • Brisbane
  • Gladstone
  • Mackay
  • Newcastle
  • Perth
  • Port Hedland
  • Singleton

Brands we work with

We stock the best brands on the market and are experienced in creating innovative designs by integrating the products that we know will work best.  We have extensive experience working with all the major component manufacturers including SUN, SAI, Parker, Denison, Bondioli & Pavesi HP and Oilgear

For a full list of the brands we work with, click here

Other Services

We provide a complete and comprehensive hydraulic service to all industries, from design and manufacturing to installation and aftercare. In addition to our innovative and incredibly useful repair workshops, we also offer a list of other services including:
 Get a quote from our workshops for your next job to minimise down time and maximise your productivity. Call us today.


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