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COVID-19 Update

March 26, 2020 in Media Release

CFP supplies goods and services to many essential services in Australia, making our operations essential. We are closely monitoring the developments in government lockdown measures so that we can take any steps necessary to ensure continued supply to our customers throughout the ensuing period.

Right from the outset, the Custom Fluidpower management team has continued to put in place policy or practices to protect all our stakeholders and provide business continuity for our many national customers. 

As we all deal with the COVID 19 spread across Australia, the Federal Government advice has always been at the forefront of decision making along with the health and well being of all our people. 

Our branches and national stores are and will continue to operate as we work through these unprecedented times together.

Below is a summary of the current status:

  • All CFP branches have implemented measures to reduce the chance of infection whilst maintaining operations.
  • All CFP branches are compliant with the local community and state requirements.
  • All branches have been active in social distancing, separating workers, reducing or eliminating meetings and reducing visitors etc
  • Branches all have additional workstation cleaning, segregating meal areas or times, split shifts and isolated site work groups
  • We have an essential services requirement to continue functioning under legislation along with our supply chain & customers.
  • As management reviews individual needs, some staff are being set up to rotate week-on-week-off working from home. 
  • Some staff are already working from home now. Others will be transitioned to this as our business moves with the demands.

In response to the situation, we are facing the real need to refer to and implement documents in our Quality Management system for the first time. 

  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan.
  • Isolation Guide
  • Essential Services Statement 

Custom Fluidpower will continue to work with our supply chains internally and abroad to maintain goods and services wherever possible in these difficult times.

At all Custom Fluidpower branches across Australia, our staff will continue to operate seamlessly so the delivery of goods and services to our many valued customers remains solid. Our senior Executives have reviewed our Emergency Response Plan and enhanced our Business Continuity Plan to address these unprecedented times we all face together.

Custom Fluidpower will continue to monitor the situation with advice from the Australian Government and Health agencies as the growth of COVID-19 continues across our nation and the world in general.  

 Further updates will be provided as the situation progresses.


Graeme Vennell


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