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Scanwill cartridge valves


Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers

Custom Fluidpower is the Australian distributor for Scanwill, expanding our product range in the hydraulic pressure intensifier industry. Scanwill has extensive experience in the hydraulic pressure intensifier since 1991, and together with Custom Fluidpower can guide you through your decision-making using the correct applications and requirements.

Scanwill offers the MP-Series of Hydraulic Pressure Intensifiers. The function of the MP-Series of the hydraulic pressure intensifiers are reciprocating and will automatically increase a supplied pressure to a higher end pressure. The feature of Scanwill Pressure Boosters gives an easy, safe and cost-efficient way to acquire high pressure from low pressure hydraulic sources.

Scanwill Products

Scanwill pressure solutions are installed in an expanding variety of hydraulic applications - in general industrial sectors where there is a need for increasing the hydraulic power.

The MP-XP series of pressure solutions are designed with an additional side outlet port, so that the oil from the high pressure is returned directly to tank and thereby ensures that the intensifier and the cylinder are always supplied with cool and filtered oil. The MP-XP series is ideal for small stand-alone hydraulic circuits systems, with a limited consumption of oil at short cycle times, and also where there is risk of collecting contaminants in the oil at quick couplings.

  • The MP-S Pressure Intensifier is the smallest range of the Scanwill Pressure intensifier range, and is designed for compact applications where the space available is limited, e.g. for pallets on machine tools. The MP-S series is designed for inlet flows from 2 - 8 LPM and is available with multiple ratios ranging from 2.0 to 9.0 and will increase a supplied pressure (10 to 200 bar) to a required end pressure (70 to 800 bar). The end pressure is dependent on the ratio and is always proportional with the supplied pressure. The MP-S series also comes in standard and stainless steel finish.
  • The MP-2000-XP pressure intensifier is made for installation in smaller power packs, where a higher end pressure is required, e.g. for a bolt tensioner. The available ratios of 7:1, 10:1 and 13:1 generated, from a power pack laid out for 200 bar max. and a flow rate from 2 to 13 LPM.

For more information on how our services, product range and experienced staff can work with you and your business contact us online or call 1300 781 178.