Cartridge Valves

Custom Fluidpower is proud to be an authorised Australian distributor of the world leading Sun Hydraulics range of cartridge valves. In addition, we stock all the highest quality and major brands of valves, allowing us to provide superior products and services for your application.

What are Cartridge Valves?

Cartridge valves are industrial valves that are an integral inner part of a check valve.

A check valve is a one-way valve and, when a machine is turned off, it can allow for an accumulator to charge and collect pressure.

Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves screw into a manifold block and are controlled electronically, providing logic and automated functions. You can get them in a range of configurations, such as on/off, proportional and pressure relief. They can be used in an industrial sense for directional, pressure, check and flow control. They are compact and can be used in hydraulic manifold systems.

Custom Fluidpower is able to assist you with everything from complete system design to the incorporation of manifold technology. We have extensive experience with Sun cartridges, which we can call upon to create a safer and more efficient hydraulic system.

Quality Products and Brands

With cartridge valves and our entire product suite, we are proud to use and supply globally recognised and renowned brands. As well as being an authorised Australian distributor of the world leading Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves, we supply a range of valves from names including Parker and the other leading brands.

If you cannot see the product you're after, contact us here and we'll assist by ordering it in or finding an alternative.