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Custom Fluidpower is an Australian distributor for Oilgear state of the art pumps and valves. Oilgear is an industry leader in creating hydraulic pumps that consume less energy and provide a durable system with the fastest response times. Especially for heavy duty applications, Oilgear is known as the "Rolls Royce" of the market because of their state of the art viable and fixed displacement pumps.

Oilgear pumps are used in mobile applications as well as offshore and subsea mechanisms that require extremely high pressure. As some of the best engineers in the field, Oilgear has managed to create outstanding efficiency through advanced hydrodynamic bearing design. Their hydraulic motor and pump products are created for environmentally-friendly fluids such as water and water glycol, though they also produce pumps made for chemical injection.

Oilgear Products

  • Hydraulic Valve Cartridges - oilgear cartridge valves allow for directional control, pressure control and flow control with varying efficiency and up to 5000 PSI.
  • Specialty Hydraulic Pumps - With check valve pumps, fluid is compressed and delivered under pressure, providing returns of 98% providing you with incredible efficiency and a competitive advantage. These pumps can tolerate up to 1000 bar of continuous pressure. Oilgear's petrodyne line can pump with some of the highest pressure in the market - up to 200,000 PSI - and is made especially for chemical injection needs.
  • Variable Hydraulic Pumps - Known for their ultimate performance and reliability, Oilgear has a range of variable displacement pumps with high speeds above 3000 RPM and maximum continuous pressures of up to 250 bar. With pumps varying in control response, displacement and port location, Oilgear makes a series of hydraulic pumps fit exactly for purpose.
  • Fixed Hydraulic Pumps - Oilgear has designed fixed displacement pumps that last longer and consume less energy than competitors. Custom Fluidpower can help you design a fixed hydraulic pump system with bespoke displacement ranges, pressure ratings, speed ratings and mounting configurations based on your industry needs.

For more information on how our services, product range and experienced staff can work with you and your business contact us online or call 1300 781 178.