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MICO hydraulic components


Custom Fluidpower is the Australian distributor for MICO products. MICO are best known for the design and manufacturing of hydraulic components, primarily for off-road markets. These components include controls and brake systems that are fit for any industry or purpose, including:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Mining equipment
  • Crane equipment

MICO Products

  • Brake actuators - provide hydraulic control to apply and release brakes when installed on CNH off-highway or heavy-duty drive axles
  • Brakes – manufactured mainly for off-road markets
  • Brake cylinders – perfect for remote clutch and brake actuation
  • Brake Locks – supplement brakes, especially in heavy-duty and high-frequency applications
  • Brake valves – provide greater reliability for your system by reducing its overall components
  • Electrohydraulic range – provide hydraulic power in normal and emergency brake situations
  • Fluid Reservoirs – come in Polyallomer or metal designs, with various benefits for your systems
  • In-line residual check valves - allow for free flow of liquid through a hydraulic system
  • Pressure testing devices – capable of continuous pressure readings
  • Pressure switches – monitor hydraulic pressure, opening and closing electrical contracts to keep it balanced.

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