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Lubrication Systems 

With machinery operating at high capacity in extreme environments, lubrication is necessary to prevent system failure and personal injury. By applying the correct amount of lubrication operators are able to safeguard components from the damaging effects of friction and overheating. 

At Custom Fluidpower we supply lubrication products that are reliable, high quality products.  We endeavour to supply our customers with the most effective lubrication systems at all times.

How lubrication is used in the industry

By installing a lubrication system that has been proven effective you are extending the life of the machinery connected to that system. A correctly-applied lubrication system prevents wear from internal components grinding against each other. Additionally lubrication reduces the risk posed by fire by lowering friction levels, effectively eliminating the likelihood of sparks or related emissions. The fire reduction value of lubricants is especially important if the work environment also use flammable elements such as gas or timber. 

Custom Fluidpower’s Range of Lubrication Systems

To provide effective service to our customers in varied industries Custom Fluidpower supplies a quality range of lubricants and lubrication systems.  Our range of lubrication products include both automated and general lubrication systems, grease fittings, and related system accessories. We only supply brands that have proven product reliability in the industry such as:

Custom Fluidpower After Purchase Customer Support

Custom Fluidpower provides a great after care support service to our customers. Our dedicated team are committed to maintaining superior customer service. This dedication towards our customers includes access to our workshop to conduct maintenance on lubrication system components, travelling to customer sites to run checks and repairs, and helping to design the personalised system to meet your requirements.  

Contact us online today to discuss our range of lubrication systems, or call us on 1300 781 178.

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