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With more than 500 trading partners, HYDAC has become one of the most comprehensive hydraulic filtration and control systems manufacturers in the world. HYDAC has provided solutions across several industries, including agriculture, mining, steel, railway, paper, power generation and more.

HYDAC Products

Filtration Technology

HYDAC provides fluid power solutions through hydraulic filtration and process filtration technology. These include pressure filters, return line filters, suction filters, back-flushing filters, bag and basket filters and more. With materials made specifically for the oil and gas, mining, marine and desalination industries.

Liquid and Gas Control

HYDAC's wide range of accumulators and accessories designed for liquid and gas control are market leaders for their reliability and sturdiness. HYDAC makes the world's largest range of bladders, diaphragm and piston accumulators, and metal bellows, ranging in sizes, materials, pressures and certifications.

Compact Hydraulics

HYDAC's range of control valves, manifolds and compact systems have high ratings in performance, standardisation and full integration. These can be used with complete compact power units for industrial and mobile hydraulics applications.

HYDAC also has a range of pressurised oil and lubrication systems, power generation and control systems ideal for the steel industry as well as others.


HYDAC's comprehensive electronics line includes sensors, tranducers and electronic data management systems.


From the smallest accessory parts to the largest hydraulic systems, HYDAC distributes across Australia with Custom Fluidpower. They have full test point assemblies and mounting systems, including components such as band and cylinder clamps. Their two, three and four way ball valves provide full options for industry professionals, and visual and electronic level gauges provide highly accurate readings.

Cooling Systems

HYDAC manufactures industrial air and oil coolers with either electric or hydraulic drives. They make both in line and off line, plus combination systems built for high-capacity industrial needs. They are specialists in high efficiency, low noise cooling systems, as well as cooling systems for gear box and wind power generation.

Custom Fluidpower is Australia's number one distributor and servicer for HYDAC's hydraulic filtration and other hydraulic systems products. We can sell, service and repair HYDAC products for industries across the country.

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