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HKS actuators


HKS is a leader in safety and precision, manufacturing rotary actuators and mobile hydraulics for a moving world. They are leaders in hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems for many industries, especially construction and waste management. HKS is a German manufacturer, famous for creating the world's first cylinder-less tilt rotator.

With an emphasis on tilt rotators, rotary actuators and rotary lift combinations, HKS leads the market in creating efficient solutions with full function and using fewer components.

HKS Industrial Hydraulics Products

  • Rotary Actuators - By using hydraulic pressure, rotary actuators create very high torque in small spaces. Because of their precision and sturfy housing, HKS actuators can withstand pressure up to 350 bars and can be used up to 2300 metres below sea level.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders - HKS manufactures hydraulic cylinders with pistons up to 500mm and strokes up to 4000mm. These cylinders can be used for mobile hydraulics or stationary applications.
  • Rotary Lift Combination- The rotary lift combinations from HKS work perfectly with an integrated industrial hydraulics system, making your rotary actuator applicable to more uses.
  • Construction Technology - HKS is built for tough construction projects, with a design unlike its competitors. As the first cylinderless tilt, the HKS XtraTilt is able to tilt 180 degrees and vastly increase your efficiency and productivity.
  • Industrial Hydraulics Components - From drive wheels to v-belt pulleys, HKS produces a range of industrial components that work in tandem with other HKS products.

HKS also produces heavy duty pulverisers and scrap shears, making them the right brand for efficient demolition, waste management, clearing and other construction uses.

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