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As the largest manufacturer in the world for storm brakes, and tied for third largest for cable reels and disc brakes, Hillmar has proven its value time and time again. Hillmar products are particularly applicable to:

  • High Speed Container Cranes
  • Ship Loaders / Unloaders
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Mining Equipment
  • Stacker Reclaimers
  • Marine and Offshore Applications
  • Turbine and Slewing
These industries can rely on Hillmar for hydraulic power units, storm brakes, valves, manifolds, and disc brakes. Custom Fluidpower is an Australian distributor for Hillmar products, serving all of the above Australian industries.

Hillmar Products

Hillmar Brakes

Custom Fluidpower is an Australian distributor for Hillmar HCB and CSB industrial disc brakes. Hillmar is the world's number one in storm brakes for industrial uses, as well as a manufacturer for all related components. They produce rail clamps, rail brakes, wheel brakes, thruster disc brakes, thruster operated wheel chucks and thruster rail brakes. They serve the automotive, construction, forestry, marine, and rail industries, among others. With both static and dynamic options for many of their products, Hillmar produces the most customisable and comprehensive range of industrial brakes and related mechanisms.

Hydraulic Power Units

Hillmar manufactures the components needed for a custom designed hydraulic power unit that is bespoke for your industry. These include either diesel or petrol engines, as well as high pressure capabilities or remote controls.

Cable Reels and Accessories

With the highest levels of testing and strength, Hillmar cable reels and accessories make up part of the basic functionality of all brakes, including accessories assisting with power, control, lifting, storing and diverting. They offer cable reels and hoses, which are distributed at your required lengths and specifications by Custom Fluidpower.

With nine branches across the country, Custom Fluidpower is the best Australian distributor of Hillmar products. We are available to offer expert advice, installation, services and repairs on all of your industrial needs related to high quality storm brakes, cable reels, power units and related accessories.

Call us at 1300 781 178 or send us an email to get information about Hillmar products.

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