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High Country Tek

High Country Tek (HCT) is one of the foremost designers and manufacturers in North America for digital and analogue electronic controller products for the fluid power and hydraulic systems industries. They are specialists in integrating their electronic control systems into other industrial hydraulics for simple and precise control of valves, pumps and other equipment. HCT technology can be applied to agriculture, marine, on and off road, and other mobile hydraulics uses.

High Country Tek Products

HCT encapsulates their signature electronic control software with a flame-resistant resin, which is necessary in most industries using hydraulic power in harsh environments. Their software can be fully customised or pre-set to allow any industry worker to be fully in control of their hydraulic brakes, valves, pumps, and motors.

See an overview of High Country Tek products and software plus their recent product updates.

  • Programmable Electronic Controls - Custom Fluidpower can provide hydraulic system design for your company using High Country Tek technology. This gives you seamless control over your machinery and allowing you to monitor, troubleshoot, and understand your workflow.
  • Pre-Packaged Electronic Controls - Control two of your open loop piston pumps or directional proportional valves from one HCT unit. Perfect for industrial hydraulics in tough conditions, the pre-packaged technology is fully sealed and functions well in harsh Australian climates.
  • Displays - See your industrial hydraulics applications in a clear, accurate, and visually appealing way with HCT displays and screens.
  • Fan Controllers - High Country Tek is a market leader in fan drives, which extend to a wide range of cooling and fan control systems. These are proven to reduce energy use while maintaining performance.
  • Generator Controllers - Generators driven by hydraulic motors can be controlled by a High Country Tek closed loop controller, which monitors the AC line voltage, maintains frequency, and provides an overview of operating status.
  • Digital Valve and Pump Controllers - The EPC and EVC controllers by High Country Tek control valves and hydraulic pumps of any specifications, and can accept digital commands -- allowing for a mobile network solution.

Custom Fluidpower can integrate powerful control software through hydraulic system design. Contact us online or call us on 1300 781 178 for your High Country Tek Software.

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