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Dinoil – Quality Products from the Hydraulic Valve Specialists

At Custom Fluidpower we are committed to providing the very best engineered solutions for you, and only use the best products. That’s why we turn to Bondioli & Pavesi Dinoil products, particularly their comprehensive range of valves.

We are your Australian distributor of Bondioli & Pavesi Dinoil products, which provides us an advantage that we can pass on to you.

We use Dinoil products as part of our workshop repairs, which saves you time and money by quickly restoring broken down machinery. We also use these products in our many innovative services, including our integrated hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic control systems.

Your Hydraulic Valve Manufacturers

The name Dinoil is synonymous with the design and manufacturing of directional control valves. These valves are used for a wide range of applications including agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment. Whatever your industry or your purpose, Dinoil valves are ideal for you.

Dinoil produces a complete range of multi-lever, mono-block, and bankable valves too, making them the valve expert can rely on.

For more information visit the Dinoil website or explore some of the products we use now.

Dinoil Product Range

When you think Bondiolio & Pavesi Dinoil products, you should think high quality valves. Whether we’re supplying these valves or using them in our services for you, we pass that same quality on to you.

We supply Monoblock Directional Control Valves (DN 1-2) as well as Monoblock Directional Valves (DN 3-4-5-6). We also stock the Monoblock Directional Valves (MD1) and use all of these products to assist your industry.

The Dinoil Driving Block (DO90) is another product in our range. This cable control system lets you activate Dinoil valves from a distance.

The Dinoil Joystick for Cable Control (DO775) is a device that allows you to control 2 operating sections simultaneously. The kit includes cables which allow facilitate remote control of directional valves.

To learn more about the technical data behind our range download our brochures or get in touch with our team.

Directional Control Valves DN1-2 Directional Control Valves DN1-2 (531kb)

Directional Control Valves DN3-4-5-6 Directional Control Valves DN3-4-5-6 (730kb)

Directional Control Valves MD1 Directional Control Valves MD1 (467kb)

Driving Block DO790 Driving Block DO790 (307kb)

Joysticks for Cables Control DO775 Joysticks for Cables Control DO775 (204kb)

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