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Danfoss mobile hydraulics

Danfoss Mobile Hydraulics

Custom Fluidpower is the Australian distributor for all Danfoss mobile hydraulics parts, services, and repairs. We can design an entire hydraulics system for your industrial needs, or help you find the specific parts you need. Danfoss is a Denmark-based manufacturer of high pressure pumps, valves, and HVAC systems. Their focus on sustainability and energy saving, especially within urban building environments, makes them a leader in engineering for today’s world.

Danfoss Products

You can view the full Danfoss Mobile Hydraulics product overview to find specifications for hydraulic pumps and valves, or HVAC materials.

  • High Pressure Pumps - Danfoss focuses on providing high pressure pumps that require ultra-pure water, including gas turbines, humidification, and parts cleaning. For industries that require unadulterated water applications, Danfoss leads in quality. Danfoss pumps are trusted by those who use tap water, which can be applied to fire fighting and other water hydraulics. To avoid contamination, Danfoss high pressure pumps do not require any oil, meaning you can use water as the only lubricant without losing on any performance or reliability levels.
  • Valves - Valves by Danfoss work in conjunction with high pressure pumps and nozzles, and are divided into two primary functions: Pressure control valves and directional control valves. PVG Proportional Valves are modular electrohydraulic valves, allowing for complete control over your hydraulic applications. They can be very simple or complex systems able to fit your entire building system needs. As part of their HVAC product line, Danfoss offers thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves, pressure and temperature regulating valves, electrically operated valves, ICF multifunction valves, regulating valves, shut off valves, check valves, water regulating valves, and safety valves.
  • Piston Pumps and Motors - Danfoss axial piston pumps and motors are available in open circuit or closed circuit and can be used for low, medium, or high pressure applications. Danfoss is also a leader in steering components and parts for mobile hydraulics.Danfoss hydrostatic transmissions are efficient, reliable, and fully integrated with their hydraulic power units.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems - As one of the pioneers in energy efficiency related to cooling and heating systems, Danfoss offers a huge range of integrated parts and accessories to create refrigeration, industrial heating, and HVAC for domestic and commercial purposes.

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