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Our Trusted Names

Industrial Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Lubrication Brands

When it comes to supplying parts for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic equipment, we only operate with the best products and the most trusted brands. As experts in industrial and mechanical engineering, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service and most reliable products.

Below are the brands we regularly work with, but if you have any special requirements we can research and source parts from other hydraulic providers.

Click the logos below to learn more about our product partners:

Custom Fluidpower Manufacturing

Custom Safe Brakes logo

Custom Safe Brakes

Custom Safe Brakes manufactures spring applied and hydraulically released fail-safe disc brakes, as well as hydraulic power units to operate with these brakes.

Custom Manifolds logo

Custom Manifolds

Custom Manifolds manufactures superior and repeatable hydraulic valve manifolds, after using 3D engineering software to design the hydraulic system.

Custom Fluidpower Brand Partners

Sun Hyraulics logo

Sun Hydraulics

We are Australia’s sole supplier of the world-leading Sun Hydraulic products, including cartridge valves, manifolds and assembly packages. They have the most comprehensive range of screw-in hydraulic cartridges and manifolds in the world.

Parker logo


Parker offers a wide range of products across many different platforms. They provide pumps and motors, filters, cylinders, integrated valve options, and much more.

Danfoss Logo


Danfoss manufactures a range of mobile hydraulics, such as electro hydraulic controls, valves, steering, open circuit products, hydrostatic transmissions and orbital motors.

Power Team logo

Power Team

Power Team services the motor vehicle and industrial markets with their variety hydraulic special service tools and equipment.

Sai logo


SAI continues to be a leading company in the production of hydraulic motors, offering a range of highly efficient crankshaft design radial piston motors, gearboxes, spare parts, and seal kits.

Hillmar logo


Hillmar’s extensive range of products covers industrial disc brakes, hydraulic power units, storm brakes, thruster disc brakes, thrusters, cable reels and accessories.

Lincoln logo


Lincoln specialises in lubrication equipment and components, pumping systems and electronic controls.

Electro-Hydraulic Control Solutions logo

High Country Tek

Well-renowned in North America, HCT designs and produces digital and analog electronic controller products for the fluid power industry. Their products can be applied to a wide range of electronic automation applications.

Hydac logo


We distribute HYDAC’s product range of hydraulic and electronic components for filtration, cooling systems, control valves, compact systems, manifolds, and much more.

Scanwill Logo


Custom Fluidpower is the Australian distributor of Scanwill products. The hydraulic pressure intensifiers provide a solution to achieving a higher pressure from an existing low-pressure power soucres.

Atlas Copco Logo

Atlas Copco

Rapid Torc is part of the Atlas Copco Group providing a range of industrial grade hydraulic torque wrenches.

Alemlube logo


Alemlube offers a great range of lubrication equipment, refueling, hose storage and fluid management.

HKS logo


HKS produces a series of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical components and systems, such as tilt rotators, rotary actuators and lift combinations, cylinders, scrap sheers and pulverisers.

HiP logo


HiP has a quality range of certified High Pressure Equipment, ranging from valves, fittings and tubing to reactors and pressure vessels, and more.

Nimco logo


Nimco has open centre valves, load sensing valves, circuit selectors and valve accessories.

Bondioli & Pavesi logo

Bondioli & Pavesi

Bondioli & Pavesi offer a motor range with an aluminium body and a gear pump selection and specialise in the production of directional control valves, multi-lever mono-block and bankable valves.

IMO Logo


The IMO Group is based in Gremsdorf in Southern Germany. There are two plants at headquarters, plant I focusing on Slewing Rings whereas plant II develops and manufactures Slew Drives.

Graco Logo


Graco is a world leading supplier of fluid power products and packages, for a range of industries including, construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance.

Mico logo


For the off-road market, MICO carries a range of brake actuators, cylinders, locks and valves, as well as disc brakes, electrohydraulics, fluid reservoirs, in-line check valves, switches and pressure testing devices.

Oilgear logo


Oilgear offers a wide range has a wide supply of long lasting and energy efficient hydraulic pumps.

Utilising The Power Of Big Brands

As well as distributing a wide range of leading products for you, we utilise these trusted brands all throughout our work. We are able to design, engineer, manufacture and improve existing integrated systems in order to find the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

We also offer workshop repairs with fast turnaround to minimise the downtime when your machinery breaks down. All of this is backed by our fully trained and dedicated team, and the promise of the industry’s best products.

If there is any information that you can’t find on our brand pages, please feel free to get in contactwith us.