In order to operate at full capacity, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery is reliant on clean and impurity-free fluids. If component contamination is not detected early it can drastically shorten the operational life of your hydraulic system. By installing and regularly servicing an efficient filtration system, you are ensuring the longevity of your machinery. At Custom Fluidpower we understand the importance of efficient filtration systems. With experience since 1990 of supplying Australian industries with hydraulic systems and accessories we stock only the most durable and reliable units for our customers.

Filtration Functions and Requirements

Not only used to remove impurities in fluids, filtration is effective at removing harmful elements from a number of environments including: air and gas systems, engines and turbines, and processing systems. When installing a filtration unit into a hydraulic system it is pivotal that the correct unit size is selected and that regular oil analysis is conducted. If installed incorrectly, it can compromise the efficiency of a system, negatively affecting productivity.

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