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Hydraulic Testing in Perth

September 23, 2020 in Company News, Events, Uncategorized

Custom Fluidpower’s Perth branch recently built a new hydraulic test rig to test and assess the capability and performance of large pumps, motors and valves.

The custom-built test rig with fully integrated control and instrumentation is for testing, measuring and certifying hydraulic systems and individual components.

Open and closed-loop hydraulic systems are standard in fluid power and require specific testing to ensure a functional supply of components, successful troubleshooting and thorough repairs. The test rig will test these pumps and allows the operator to select whether open or closed-loop testing is required via a touch screen display. This interface can select motor size, right hand or left-hand rotation, maximum pressure value, electric motor speed, torque, adjust the load sense value and whether or not an external hot oil dump is required.

Hydraulic motors are tested on the test rig by making use of a boost circuit, supplying oil into the hydraulic motors’ inlet port. In doing this, Custom Fluidpower test the hydraulic motor as a pump.

Large valves such as proportional valves are able to be tested on the PVG test bench that feeds off the back of the 30kW electric motor.

Test rig features and components:

  • Tank
  • Filtration
  • 110kW Electric motor which is controlled by a Variable Speed Drive [VSD] (rpm and torque adjustable). The flow rate is 240L/min, depending on the pump being tested.
  • 30kW Electric motor which is controlled by a Variable Speed Drive [VSD] (rpm and torque adjustable)
  • Manifold
  • Control panel and safety barrier protecting the operator during testing. The panel consists of a touch screen display, push buttons and pendant control.
  • The PVG test bench allows CFP to test valves (max flow 145L/min and max pressure 320 Bar)

For all your hydraulic testing requirements in Perth and surrounding areas, give the team a call on 1300 781 178