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Roller – Tru Turf Pty Ltd


Design criteria, the development of a Putting Green and Sports Turf Roller for Global export. Custom Fluidpower was contacted by Tru Turf Pty Ltd to assist in the design and development of a multi-purpose roller for the US & world market. The concept is a standalone offering that was not supported by the major OEM’s in the greenkeeping sector.


To deliver a Golf Green & Sports Turf Roller for acceptance into the US & world markets. A Roller with contour following pivoting rollers, the criteria also required weight consideration, pricing, maintenance, and the ability of the machine to be moved quickly between greens.

Key Features

  • Close loop hydraulics
  • Manually operated servo
  • Manual steering functions
  • PVG16 directional valve

Technical Specifications

Electronic Control System

  • IP67 rated
  • Closed-loop coil control for proportional hydraulics
  • SIL2 rated hardware
  • Display for operational feedback and technical assistance 
  • Fault diagnostic system


  • Manually operated servo
  • Manual steering functions
  • Separate forward and reverse pedal
  • Dual-axis steering
  • PLUS+1 control with integrated LCD screen 
  • PVG16 directional valve

Project Development

The prototype development of the Tru Turf PGA Approved Roller has been ongoing for approximately 24 months, and during the machine builds we have seen four prototypes developed. The knowledge and commitment from both Liv Schintee CFP Engineer and the Director of Tru Turf, Ray Duffy has now produced a proven production model.

 Also special thanks to Byrant Morris, Max Ludwig, and Jan Heinrich for their input during the concept development.

1st of the Prototype Machines (Oct 2017) 

An open-loop hydraulic system, with series driven traction motors for the drive rollers (design scope was to have enough drive torque to enable the machine to be self-loading on to a small plant trailer that would be moved from green to green), dual steering system i.e. opposing direction of the front and rear roller positioning (limiting scuffing and increased movability). A PVG16 directional valve supplied control to all the hydraulic functions, provisions for hydraulic driven brushes (leaf and debris clearing) with provisions for ground spiking with self-cleaning brushes. 

The prototype utilized a PLUS+1 Controls and joystick operation, with no directional pedal and an LCD screen display with function selection, the prototype was developed and field trials provided valuable feedback. The machine in its design with all provisions for the multi-functional options was approx. 400kg too heavy and would have caused damage to the surface it was designed for.


2nd of the Prototype Machines (Jan 2018) 

Weight reduced model with an open-loop hydraulic design pump and drive motors plus auxiliary circuits. A SUN Quick Design Manifold provided a function for drive and accessories operations, dual-axis steering, without the optional aeration spikes. The Lightweight frame and resigned roller frames plus the added reduction in hydraulic reservoir volume provided the correct operating weight. PLUS+1 control with an integrated LCD screen built into a custom the steering Tiller provided the operator interface, as well as providing an overview of the safety circuit. The machine was flown into the US for dealers to review and for demonstration at trade shows.

3rd of the Prototype Machines (Oct 2019) 

On the return from the US roadshow and having gathered response and feedback from the US market. The design concept was again revisited for the 3rd prototype machine with the inclusion of the self-trailering concept, the removal of the brushes, and the aero ration spiker. The other main design changes were the implementation of a closed-loop hydraulic system (dynamic braking), a spring applied park brake into one of the drive rollers, and a single roller steering system. The control functionally also saw several changes, this included potentiometer to provide forward and reverse speed control and the removal of the display screen interface. Swivel seat to allow the operator to face the direction of travel. The third prototype was again shipped to the US for feedback.

4th of the Prototype Machines (Jan 2020) Production Model Machine BH40 

Based on the feedback and acceptance of the US market, the potentiometer function was replaced with a separate forward and reverse pedal, a steering wheel was added, engine power was slightly increased. 

The production model was manufactured locally, Custom Fluidpower provided all electrics including wiring harness and software. The steering function is speed-sensitive and offers both protection from scuffing the surface at low or no speed, and through the development of the software a positive steer feels for operation at various speeds, this is achieved by increasing the resistance at the steering wheel. 

The BH40 type machine was loaded into an air freight container on Monday the 13th of January for delivery into the USA market as the show and tell dealer option machine.

Roller Tru Turf

Fifth Prototype Light Series

This a concept machine, with reductions in both weight and costs being the main objective, it is to feature closed-loop hydraulics with a manually operated servo and manual steering function