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Nimco Hydraulic Systems

Nimco Hydraulic Systems’ main focuses are precision load control, minimising leakage, and increasing productivity through efficiency gains and energy savings. Custom Fluidpower is the Australian distributor for Nimco and offers the full Nimco valve range including accessories and integrated technology.

Nimco Products Overview

You can see the Nimco product specifications here.

Open Centre Valves

Nimco Open Centre Valves have some of the following features:

  • Flow rate up to 180 LMP and 48 GMP
  • Robust monoblock valve with built in load holding check valves and secondary valves
  • Adjustable pressure with directional control
  • Pressure up to 4600psi or 320 bar

Load Sensing Valves

As leaders in manufacturing reliable load sensing valves, Nimco Hydraulics has valves with up to ten sections, and control options including manual, joystick, pneumatic cable, or EHP. Custom Fluidpower can customise a load sensing valves setup for your industrial hydraulic uses.

Circuit Selectors

Redirect flow from one function to another, limit stoke and utilise valve stacking to vastly increase your hydraulic utility. With multiple circuit selectors, Nimco provides increased productivity for hydraulic systems.

Valve Accessories

Some of the Nimco valve accessories include manifolds, hand levers, cables, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, electro hydraulic on-off and proportional controls. These seamlessly integrate with your industrial hydraulics system.

Orbital Motors and Steering Units

With both medium duty and heavy duty orbital motors, Nimco offers high efficiency and performance. Displacement ranges for heavy duty orbital motors are 80.8 to 801 cm3/rev with a working pressure of up to 175 bar. 

Nimco steering units are suitable for slow moving operations, such as forklifts, tractors, and ship rudders, and are available in both open and closed centre options.

Custom Fluidpower are hydraulic specialists and distribute Nimco hydraulic valves and accessories across Australia. We can provide you with Nimco products from start to finish, whether it is full hydraulic system design or one-off repairs.

For Nimco hydraulic systems products for your industry, call us at 1300 781 178 or send us an email today. 

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